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Aprons for Every Cook in the House 
Half or full coverage for men, women and children, all may be custom fit to your measurements.  We offer a few different styles for specific preferences.


When ordering include any requests for pockets or trim such as ruffles or lace.  Costs for these additional features will vary by size.  Generally pockets are an additional $2.00 each.  
Many times a sunbonnet will want to be matched to an apron.  If this is the case, please choose at least 3 colors from the Sunbonnet section and submit them to me in the order of your preference so that we can be sure of quantity. 
Pricing and Shipping

Please see each item for this information.  Shipping starts at $3.25 for the first item and includes delivery confirmation services (required).
You are viewing the Grandma's Girl Catalog. All purchases are finalized at Grandma's Girl on Etsy: .

APR01  Pretty in Pleats

APR01a White


APR01b Half Apron Bubblegum floral Handmade by - Bubblegum Floral 

Girl's-women (note listing)  $17.00



 BUY NOW - GrandmasGirl on Etsy -   (Girls)

APR01c Red Gingham


Girl's $17.00    Request 

APR01d Lavender Women's Size $20.00 BUY NOW

APR01e Denim Paisley

 Place an Order -

APR01f  Fuschia Half Apron - Pretty in Pleats - Handmade by - 

APR01f Dark (Vivid) Pink


Girl's-women   $17.00     


BUY NOW -- GrandmasGirl on Etsy  --  

APR01g Pretty in Pleats Half Apron Lackadaisical Afternoons Handmade by -

APR01g  Lackadaisical Afternoons


Women's Size $20.00



BUY NOW - GrandmasGirl on Etsy -

APR01h September Vines

Little Girls (Preschool) $17.00  



Girls (Missy 6 years and up) $17.00Place an Order -



APR05a Cobbler Apron

Button at the shoulder, string ties under the arms; a basic style for any purpose such as cooking, crafting, gardening.
Photo is an example of style. Color is no longer available.


Starts babies sizes $14










APR05b Cobbler Apron

Children's sizes 6-12    $20




















APR07  Angel Pullover 


Pulls on over the head and ties up at the back of the neck with string ties. Features angel sleeves and a little flounce around the bottom hem, lightly gathered on both sides.

APR07  Angel Pullover Apron Front Handmade by - APR07  Angel Pullover Apron Back Handmade by -
APR07a White Angel Pullover Apron Handmade by - White 

Place an Order -


APR07b Black





APR08  Empire Apron - High Bodice fits nicely over the empire or A-line dress.  Ties at the back between the upper arms, gathered skirt, lined bodice.
APR08 Empire Apron Black with Ties - front - 
18M $20BUY NOWBUY NOW - GrandmasGirl on Etsy -
APR08 Empire Apron Black with Ties - Back - Coordinate with Girls Dresses

APR02   Empress

APR02 Front
                     APR02 Rear
 APR02a  (Example: This fabric no longer available) is trimmed in lace which varies according to current stock.  Request samples via email. 

APR02b Empress with Bonnet
0-6 mos.$25Buy Now


 APR03a   CoquetteWomen  $25    Place an Order -

APR04  Cavalier Culinarian

Men's full coverage apron features a wide bib and wrap-around lap

 BUY NOW    $35   BUY NOW - GrandmasGirl on Etsy -



 APR06  Bib Flap Apron Starts babies sizes $25 Request



 This Versitile apron is designed especially for children, intending to wear the apron most of the day.  It features a flap that buttons down on the bib.  When the child sits down to meals, the flap is buttoned at the shoulders for more coverage, like a tie on bib. Any spills go down the back of the flap, which folds back down over the spots after the meal.   Also by using either one or two buttons at the back of the neck you can adjust the size.   Shirt length.  


APR09  Pullover Empire Apron


Square yoke and button back create a clean layer without adding frills; featured gathered skirt and lined bodice.

APR09a White 
 12 months$20

Place an Order - 

 18 months$20

Place an Order -


APR10 Country Mouse
[] Women $25   Request

APR10   Homestead
  • Lined bodice
  • Pleated lap
  • Wrap-around coverage
APR10 Homestead Full Apron Front - Handmade by - APR10 Homestead Full Apron Back - Handmade by -
APR10 Homestead Full Apron - Handmade by -
BUY NOW - GrandmasGirl on Etsy -