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Boys' and Unisex Outerwear
Vests, sweaters, jackets, coats, hoodies; many options for keeping out the chill.

Outerwear by focuses on classic designs in easy care and easy-on materials.  Ask about a color you are interested in and I will email some fabric samples to you or shop for what you are looking for.
Trims add interest so if you have an idea, feel free to ask.
Each garment is made traditionally with wide seams that are double stitched in areas of stress. We have a good supply of fabrics here, but as always custom orders are welcome.  Consider having any of these garments made with your own materials for the price of labor only, you pay shipping both ways.  Include age and measurements when ordering.
While some garments in the catalog are made up and ready to go (indicated by the "Buy Now ") others are shown for style and may or may not be available in the fabrics shown.

Price and Shipping

Each design is priced individually. Starting prices are for newborn sizes and basic cottons/batistes. Additional costs for different materials and for embellishments will apply. Please contact me to ask about costs for particular embellishments that you may have in mind (e.g. ribbons and trims, ruffles, pockets, buttons, etc.)
Shipping is normally between $4 and $5 for the first item depending upon size and location, with additional items shipped at about $2 each.
You are viewing the Grandma's Girl Catalog. All purchases are finalized at Grandma's Girl on Etsy: .

BOW01  Jacket - Velvety Teal 
  • Babies' sizes
  • Fully lined
  • Elastic sleeves
  • Three hook and loop fasteners close the front
  • Hood
BOW01 Jacket - velvety teal - 
6M$26Buy NowBUY NOW - GrandmasGirl on Etsy -


Vest:  BOW04 (on this page)

Trapper Hat:
BOW03 Pullover Hoodie - Taupe Coral Fleece (faux buckskin and fur look)
  • Long cuffed and trimmed sleeves
  • Trimmed hood
  • Trimmed pouch pocket
  • Straight waist hem
BOW03 Coral Fleece Pullover Hoodie faux Buckskin and fur look - 
2T$35Buy NowBUY NOW - GrandmasGirl on Etsy -


Trapper Hat:  AVR05


BOW02 Pullover Hoodie - Wedgewood Blue Fleece, Nautical Theme
  • Lined hood
  • Long straight hemmed sleeves
  • Deep pouch pocket
  • Straight lower hem
Early Grades
$38Buy Now
BUY NOW - GrandmasGirl on Etsy -

BOW04   Vest   -   Lined vest with three sewn-in hook and loop tape closures adds a layer of warmth under coats or over sweaters.  Great for winter or just to get the chill out of the core during the change of seasons.
BOW04 Fleece Vest White - 
6M $16 Buy NowBUY NOW  - GrandmasGirl on Etsy - 

BOW04 Fleece Vest White -

Vest:  BOW01 (on this page)

Trapper Hat: