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First the Good News!!
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Heirloom Quilts
I am pleased to announce a collaboration with artist Amy Barranco on the following HEIRLOOM QUILTS.  Amy's vision of simplicity and comfort has meshed nicely with my effort to stay focused on practical products.  Her work not only has a clean vintage feel which brings us back to our most pleasant childhood memories, but also preserves the best of the current generation.
Amy's work is the central focus on the quilts that feature all embroidery;  my job is to put it into a usable form.
Please place your order well in advance of your required deadline.  We will need at least 8 weeks to complete as Amy and I are on opposite ends of the United States.

Hand-embroidered vintage designs or your children's drawings are centered upon the border colors of your choice. Another possibility is a quilt for a special occasion such as a baptism where you can draw the symbols that mean the most to you, but do not care for working the thread.  Ms. Barranco will do the work for you in your desired colors. 
Pricing and Shipping

Prices vary depending upon size and detail.  Particularly personal subject matter may require a deposit before work can commence.   Each request is handled on an individual basis.  Shipping is all via United States Postal Service according to the services they offer and your preference.
Purchase and payment is made at my Grandma's Girl shop at the marketplace Etsy. You will be advised when your reservation is ready.
You are viewing the Grandma's Girl Catalog. Place your order here. All purchases are finalized at Grandma's Girl on Etsy:

HLQ01 Baby Animal Blocks (crib size) $185   PLACE AN ORDER -

HLQ03: Custom Blocks  $275    PLACE AN ORDER -

(lap quilt about 37" x 53", 15 blocks)   


This custom quilt features the portraits of a little girl as drawn by her older brother. Submit your drawings to have them worked by Ms. Barranco into a living room throw or a wonderful gift for grandparents and Godparents.



HLQ02: Alphabet Blocks (Twin Size) $550   PLACE AN ORDER -

Features 26 letter blocks, a picture block and a signature block