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Picture Quilts and Applique
I have really only one vague memory of my great grandmother but I have drawers of her handwork that I have appreciated, studied, and copied. Her cutwork is amazing, but for the most part I am drawn to her applique and I love to create pictures using these simple old-fashioned handwork methods.
Patchwork was originally used as a way of using up valuable leftover scraps from other projects and from old clothing that was too worn out in some spots but not too worn in others. The most practical patchwork quilting is the work that is done with your own leftover materials and for your own home and purposes. When you purchase a quilt made by someone else with new materials it does become quite expensive as it requires much time and work.


Picture quilts are done entirely by hand.  As with all Grandma's Girl products, they should be used.  A variety of materials and fabrics are used in each picture.  Because they are not all cared for uniformly, the picture quilt must be washed in a delicate cycle of cold water and drip dried.  Hanging loops can be added upon request.  Depending upon size, expect a custom order to take several months to complete.
The Christmas stocking that you see to the left  is hand appliqued from a photograph. I can make personal picture quilts and appliqued items such as clothing or pillows from your photographs as well.

Pricing and Shipping

Prices vary depending upon size and detail, generally between $25 and $45 per 12-inch panel. Each request is handled on an individual basis. Shipping is all via United States Postal Service according to the services they offer and your preference.
Purchase and payment is made at my Grandma's Girl shop at the marketplace Etsy. You will be advised when your reservation is ready.
Contact me to work out the details.


You are viewing the Grandma's Girl Catalog. Place your order here. All purchases are finalized at Grandma's Girl on Etsy:    
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This is a quilt made for a nursery with a jungle theme. I immediately pictured in my mind a moon looking lovingly down upon the wild creatures who have been so noisy and, well, wild all through the day. The moon is thinking, "What angels they are!" This is how I look at my children when I put them to bed and as much noise and arguing there has been throughout the day, I believe that they are angels...when they are sleeping.
The Southern Cross centers above the scene as a quiet macaw perches in the upper branches. In the distance to the left, is an elephant and reposed on his back in the center of the tree is a monkey, who won't fall because he's got the upper bough held tight with his tail. Immediately to the right is a large coiled snake sleeping just outside of his little cave. Beside the river is the king of the jungle, quite satisfied for reasons that I am sure are less than angelic. Even the piranha seems harmless!
Entirely hand-stitched in my own design, it had taken me 9 months to complete.
This is basically a 9 panel design.  An art applique quilt this size, about 40" inches square will be about $360.