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Women's Loungewear
I am aiming for comfort and beauty in a simple and feminine style that works for any woman, no matter what stage of her life.  This is a very popular section for custom orders and among my favorite orders to fill. Did you see fabric in the store that you loved but had no place to wear it? This is your chance to wear all of those wonderful prints that are generally not acceptable in public. 


Many many options: get the type and length of sleeves you like, the type and length of pants and gown, choose buttons, ties, elastic, anything you want.
Again, I do not typically buy the novelty prints for premade items as they are so directed toward very particular tastes. You may either show me what you want me to buy or shop for what you like and have it made up.
Styles here are just for women. Make sure you check the men's/unisex section for more styles that might appeal to you..

Pricing and Shipping

Each design is priced individually.  Starting prices are for basic cottons/batistes.  Additional costs for different materials and for embellishments will apply. Pleasecontact meto ask about costs for particular embellishments that you may have in mind (e.g. ribbons and trims, ruffles, pockets, buttons, etc.)
Shipping is normally between $5 and $6 for the first item depending upon size and location, with additional items shipped at about $1- 1/2  to $2 each.
You are viewing the Grandma's Girl Catalog. All purchases are finalized at Grandma's Girl on Etsy:.
 WLW01Pillow Dress



  • Bound collar
  • Front button closure
  • Elbow length gathered elastic sleeves
  • Straight hem
  • long length


Petite sizes start at $43 






















WLW02Pillow Dress


  • Bound collar
  • Front button closure
  • Open angel sleeves
  • Straight hem
  • Below the knee length

Petite sizes start at $38

















WLW03  Bed or Lounge Jacket
  • 1 size fits up to size 14)
  • Vintage reproduction c.1960
  • Quilted cotton
  • 3/4 sleeves and short length are perfect for convalescence, eliminates chill without twisting and tangling.
BUY NOW  $60      

Great project for reverse print bath towels that have outlived a remodel.  Send me a pair for your lounge or beach jacket and I will do the stitching for $25