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About Grandma's Girl 
My name is Julianne:  Christian wife, mother, patriot of the United States of America, outspoken on topics of Jesus Christ and His Church, family, personal responsibility, and freedom.
I began sewing when I was just a very little girl on my great grandmother's Singer sewing machine handed down to my mother.  For over 35 years now, my mother, grandmother, and work left behind for me by my great grandmother have been my primary influences and motivation for the work I do today.

I have endeavored to develop products that are easy to care for and find their beauty in their simplicity and understated classic designs.  Although I am primarily working toward the home and hearthy feeling in my products, I still feel the joy of creating detailed work which at times makes its appearance in custom orders. 
I encourage you to contact me if my hand is something that can bring a little of the warmth of family and family lines to your home:
The History of Grandma's Girl
The history of Grandma's Girl begins with my Great-Grandmother Hermione Janka who was a seamstress.  I didn't know her, I only have one memory of her, but Mom and Grandma learned from her and taught me beginning with cross-stitch, crewel needlework, crochet, and the machine where I caught it.  Home decorating necessities and clothing for myself turned to gifts for family and when the little ones were born I found that my favorite thing to do is create children's clothing with a preference toward clothing for girls, and that was where we took off.  Friends began to bring me clients and before I knew it, we were open for business.
When working with Grandma's Girl, you should be aware that I understand that a parent can never be too careful with what they give their child and they should never have to apologize for it.  Having 6 of my own I always respect the concerns of parents and take no offense at requests for changes or specific materials.
Customer testimonials
It seems silly to me to write a customer testimonial.  I feel like I could write anything and sign any name on it.  Since my employers do not have access to this catalog to write their own testimonials, I will refer you to GrandmasGirl on Etsy  where you can see my customer feedback.