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Adjustable Sling Baby/Toddler Carriers

Adjustable Sling Baby Carriers
Product details

These carriers are the most versatile carriers there are and they are very easy to use. I will include some instructions that I wrote out myself. There are no straps, buckles or bars. Fully adjustable, simply thread the length of fabric through the loops and adjust as necessary. The child may be held in any position, either facing you or the world, sitting up, lying down to sleep, cross legged, on your back, on your hip or nursing quietly and privately covered by the generous extension of fabric.
Fussy children are quickly comforted and readily fall asleep, while you keep both hands free to work on a few things. The child is without stress because he is close to Mom and Mom is without stress because she is able to get some things DONE. Furthermore, the appearance is nice and natural and one does not look as if an apparatus is being worn. The whole feel is just comfortable for everyone.Adjustable Sling Baby Carriers Stainless Steel Ring Sling
These carriers feature a shoulder cap. The shoulder cap allows the weight of the child to be distributed from off of the top of the shoulder, to more evenly across the shoulder and back.
The rings are made from stainless STEEL. Please note that cast aluminum rings have become very popular, I would think, because of their colors. I will not use aluminum on any of these slings for at least two reasons: the color does eventually chip away and steel is just stronger than aluminum. The durable nickel plating on my rings retains a polished beauty and shine.
Adjustable Sling Baby Carriers for Men and Women
And for you, Daddio, there are some here that are appropriate for you. After all, it is not just your darling's job to hold the baby. We have some toned down for men who want to feel comfortable cradling your baby, but don't want to wear those flowery or pastel accessories! There is plenty of fabric to fit around your broad shoulders and baby feels nice and safe cuddled up next to you.
Adjustable Sling Baby Carriers Versatile, and comfortable lets baby sleep
ONE SIZE FITS MOST: From any care giver to the newborn baby up to tired toddler.  The sling folds up compactly in a corner of your child's bag when not in use.
None of the fabrics used in these carriers require special care. You may check the individual listings for further details, but most are washable in warm water with your regular like-colored loads and tumble dry. I look for fabrics that are sturdy, breathable, correctly priced, and will wash up well.
Adjustable Sling Baby Carriers for busy caretakers (Mind your baby!  Don't wear her!)
Furthermore, because of the way the carrier is worn, both sides of the fabric will show at the same time. Therefore, I only use fabrics that are the same or very similar on both sides. That way, you will not have to twist any part of the sling to get the right side to show. This is important because twisting causes discomfort and reduces ease of adjustability.
Buy with certainty: If this seems like something you would be interested in, then I would encourage you to preview the instruction sheets. The sheets show the many different ways the carrier may be used.
BE INFORMED BEFORE YOU BUY:  This product is safe when used correctly and with meticulous care.  You MUST NOT WEAR YOUR BABY -- but care for your child at all times. Check position for breathing and circulation.  SEE CPSC statementWatch the video.  If you feel that this carrier is not right for you and your baby then I urge you to shop until you find the one that is.
The carriers are premade for the right shoulder. Reversibles can be worn on either shoulder. If you would like me to make the sling for the left shoulder at no additional cost, please do not hesitate to ask. I will gladly check for quantity to verify if that is an option.
Adjustable Sling Baby Carriers - Affordable Tools for Working Families
Pricing and Shipping

I believe that this priceless tool should be available to everyone and these wraps are very affordable; none are over $30.00.
Orders from within the continental United States of America ship via Priority U.S. Mail for $7 usually within 2 days after receiving payment. We also ship worldwide. Please contact me for your shipping price if you do not already see it on the listing. I will place the listing on hold for you while I get your shipping price.
Click on the picture link for a description of each individual carrier. This will open a new browser window to the marketplace where you will be able to make your purchase should you decide to do so. If there is no picture link, you may use the "place an order" button to ask me any questions. Be sure to copy and paste the description onto the contact form.
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Adjustable Sling Baby Carriers - ESPRESSO
Espresso $29.00




Adjustable Sling Baby Carriers - MAGENTA
Magenta        PLACE AN ORDER  -       $22.50     (Small only)

Frosty Reversible Blanket Carrier

Adjustable Sling Baby Carriers - SEA
Sea        $23.50 

Adjustable Sling Baby Carriers - WONDER






 Wonder $27.50





Adjustable Sling Baby Carriers - FAUX BLACK SUEDE
Faux Black Suede $30.00


Adjustable Sling Baby Carriers - ADOBE
Adobe    $23.50
 Buy Now
BUY NOW - GrandmasGirl on Etsy -


Adjustable Sling Baby Carriers - GENTLE RAIN (GRAY)
Gentle Rain $28.50

Adjustable Sling Baby Carriers - NAVY GRAY STRIPE
Navy/Gray stripe $23.50

Adjustable Sling Baby Carriers - RED BLACK HOUNDSTOOTH





Red/Black Houndstooth $23.50



Buy Now BUY NOW - GrandmasGirl on Etsy -










Adjustable Sling Baby Carriers - WALNUT (TARTAN)






Walnut   $26.50